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sex doctor or sex clinic consultation, which is the best?

usma clinic / April 10, 2022

'There's always a better way,' as the adage goes. We constantly hear the same things regarding our current sex life. We are so preoccupied with our daily tasks that we rarely take the time to consider our desires. In a relationship, everyone makes an effort to resolve issues. However, when our efforts fall short, expert assistance is required.

A licenced sex therapist will help your relationship and sexual health. If your connection fails to improve, neither will your sex life. For holistic healing, both of these components require treatment. However, finding a decent therapist with whom you and your partner can work is problematic. You can search the option sexologists near me to find a good sexologist.

Do you need a sex therapist?

A skilled sexual specialist should be well-versed in the wide-ranging medical discipline of sex therapy. However, before you contact one, make sure you're clear on why you'd like to see a sex therapist. "Why therapy?" you might inquire. "What is it about your connection that you find lacking?" Both the partners will need to regularly visit the therapist and accomplish the duties assigned to you as part of therapy. Consider these questions before looking for a reputable sex therapist in your area.

Verify the accreditation of the therapist

It's critical to evaluate a therapist's credentials to determine whether or not they are trustworthy. A professional organisation should have certified the therapist. It is also necessary to have a graduate degree, such as a PhD or master's degree. The therapist must also have completed 90 hours of human sexuality and 60 hours of sex therapy training in addition to certification. All of these sessions must be supervised by a licenced sex therapist.

AASECT is an effective sex therapy accrediting body. If your therapist is AASECT certified, it would be ideal. Perform a thorough background investigation on the therapist you'd want to see. A sex therapist and a couple's therapist are not the same things.

Think about various possibilities

You may locate the most excellent nearest sexologist in a variety of methods. Friends or family may recommend a therapist, or you may discover one using an online search engine. When selecting a sex therapist, one's degree of comfort is critical. As a result, you should speak with at least two to three therapists and schedule an initial consultation. Every therapist works differently. As a result, once you've talked to them, you'll be able to tell which one you like. Another factor to think about is your therapist's closeness. You wouldn't want to go to treatment every day and drive hundreds of miles. Although virtual therapy can be beneficial, it is not very effective.


You'll know if a sex therapist is correct for you after meeting with them and interacting with them. It may take some time for you and your therapist to open up about your feelings and challenges. If your therapist is good, they will be there for you through your rehabilitation.