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Does smoking cause male infertility?

Does smoking cause male infertility?

usma clinic / March 21, 2022

In today's infertile marriages, not only the female partner but also the male partner experiences fertility challenges. Male infertility is relatively common as a result of smoking. There are a variety of reasons why guys start smoking. In their early adolescence, many boys are subjected to peer pressure. Some males can avoid this, but most smokers today began tobacco during their adolescent years.

Many men who were not exposed to smoking do not start smoking during their childhood. Due to the stresses of modern life, few men start smoking in their later years. They do it as a stress reliever and a healthier alternative to drinking alcohol.

What effect does smoking have on a man's reproductive organs?

The most common side effect of smoking on a man's reproductive system is poor sperm health. Smoking affects the quality of the sperm, making them very weak, and the motility and morphology of the sperm. The capacity of sperm to swim is called motility. Sperm that cannot swim will not reach the female uterus in time for a spontaneous pregnancy.

The shape of the sperm is referred to as sperm morphology. Head and tail abnormalities are common in improperly shaped sperm. Even if the sperm can reach the egg, they may not penetrate it, significantly lowering the odds of pregnancy. With irregularly shaped sperm, IVF procedures like ICSI have a high probability of failure.

Smoking has an impact on sperm DNA as well. Smokers' sperm had more DNA fragmentation, according to studies. Damaged DNA in sperm could cause issues with fertilization and embryo development. If you have any problem, you can contact the best sex doctor in delhi.

Smoking decreases libido

When you smoke frequently, it has an impact on your sex desire. You don't want to have sex. This diminishes your chances of naturally conceiving. If that wasn't enough, smoking puts you at risk for erectile dysfunction. Many men are unaware that their manhood is in jeopardy. They may not think it's unusual that their desire for sex has changed. Many guys blame it on their age. For any sexual problem, you search sexologist in near me option.

Smoking has an impact on IVF

The IVF technique is influenced not only by the female partner's health but also by that of the male partner. Passive smoking is just as dangerous for women as if they were smoking themselves. Because the quality of sperm is so low, male smoking can have a significant impact on the IVF operation. The chances of IVF success are considerably reduced as a result of this. If you cannot create healthy sperm on your own, you may be advised to use donor sperm. Sexlogist near me option will help you to find a good doctor.


Men who use cigarettes as a stress reliever should know that nicotine does not diminish or relieve stress. On the other hand, it promotes depression and a variety of health issues such as liver damage, heart problems, and male infertility.