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Sex problems in Men

Sex problems in Men

Rahul Dutt / February 06, 2019

Sexual problems in men are known as sexual dysfunction in medical terms and it is the leading cause for dissatisfaction in bed, along with other issues like an unhappy marriage, inability of the wife to conceive despite being healthy and fit, and in general a troubled relationship. Let us look at the most common sexual maladies that are prevalent in men and some ways and means to tackle them before they go out of hand. It is equally important to make it a point to discuss pertinent issues with your physician and not resort to self -diagnosis.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction: Erectile dysfunction is also called impotence and it happens to be a very personal problem with most men who loathe talking about it. Erectile dysfunction means that the man is not being able to bring about or maintain a stiff erection in order to have sex with his partner. To bring about an erection, there has to be sufficient blood flow to the penis. Erectile dysfunction is also one of the first signs or warnings that there may be a cardiovascular problem waiting in the wings. A whopping majority of men who have been treated for cardiovascular diseases report that they suffered from erectile dysfunction about three to five years earlier. The underlying root cause has to be first determined for proper diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many men who suffer from this problem may have to deal with apparently unconnected issues like smoking, obesity, cholesterol and other kinds of risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Modifying the lifestyle is essential to successful treatment of the issue and there are quite a few drugs like Cialis, Levitra or Viagra to assist in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  2. Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome: Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is also known as hypogonadism, and in addition to bringing down your sexual performance, can also have a marked effect on the health of bones, the level of energy, the strength you have in your muscles and also the prevalent mood at any given time of the day. If a man is experiencing problems with achieving as well as maintaining erections, the concerned doctor nearly always orders for a routine morning blood test to exclude low testosterone levels as a prevalent cause. In order to relieve the symptoms, testosterone replacement therapy, usually with the help of a gel is recommended by professionals. It is of utmost importance to continue follow up with the doctor so that he can ensure that you have reached a sufficient level of testosterone.
  3. Peyronie’s Disease: This disease sees a curvature of the penis or also narrowing along with curvature. If it is very severe, it can be a painful condition, and may prevent the concerned person from having effective sex. The penis deformation is almost always caused by scar tissue, which may well be the outcome of previous wounds or injuries. A hard lump, mostly on the upper side of the penis will be found in a majority of the cases. Also, it must be said that the erection time pain usually goes away after a couple of years, but the curvature to the penis remains. Previously, surgery was the only possible treatment, and it came with its list of side effects. As of now, many different treatment protocols are in the testing stage, such as some compounds that can be injected into the scar tissue in an effort to straighten the penis.
  4. Prolonged Erection (Priapism): This condition is characterized by an erection that lasts for more than four hours. Treatment has to intervene within the first eight hours if you want to avoid permanent damage to the penis. Hence if anyone experiences this symptom, calling for emergency medical services is very important. Not surprisingly, one of the leading causes of this condition is the medicines that are used to treat erectile dysfunction. Also it may be a rare side effect of erectile pills like Viagra, but the most frequent occurrence is due to the drug being directly injected in the penis. Substance abusers, like those who regularly snort cocaine, or those on psychiatric medications, or those suffering from sickle cell disease, may experience this condition. Treatment usually happens with draining blood away from the penis with a needle, medicines to limit the blood flow to penis, or even surgery as a last recourse.
  5. Ejaculatory dysfunctions:one of the most prevalent of these is premature ejaculation which is defined by ejaculation within two minutes of the start of sexual stimulation. This condition occurs in a broad cross section of ages, and is not restricted to any particular age. For men under the age of 40, it happens to be the most common sexual problem. One of the solutions is antidepressant medication, but this should only be taken after a doctor prescribes it. Self- medication is highly discouraged, because antidepressants have a range of side effects.

It is understandable that the sexual problems described above are deeply personal in nature. However if you want an effective solution and a good sex life with your partner, it is very important that you consult a qualified medical practitioner for a permanent solution.