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How Shatavari is beneficial for men ?

How Shatavari is beneficial for men ?

Usma Clinic / September 14, 2021

Shatavari is a rejuvenating herb for men. It is used as a healing therapy for men's sexual problems. It is also known as Asparagus racemosus, it is a plant-based herb. This plant is native to Australia, Africa, China, India, and certain parts of Asia. It is known by many names in Ayurveda like shatapadi , satavirya, Indvari, Narayani, Bahusuta, Sukshma Patra, etc.

The plant is usually found bell-shaped, scented, white flowers with a pink tinge which generally start blooming from June to July. The height of this plant lies between 1-2 meters. The taste of Shatavari is an ideal mixture of bitter and sweet.  It is found growing in forests, shady places, moist places, and fallow lands and plains from the coast. It is an absolute remedy for several diseases. Be it homogenizing female hormones, helping in maintaining menopausal symptoms, preventing blood clots, maintaining a healthy heart, libido-boosting, sperm count, etc. It contains A, B1, B2, C, E, calcium, and magnesium. It has a plethora of chemical components which make it the ideal herb for all health problems. Here is a list of Shatavari for men you need to know about it:- 


Enhances libido

It helps in reducing mental stress and anxiety and stimulates the hormones for improving libido in men. It also increases stamina in men.


Shatavari for male reproductive system

It is mostly used for women but it is also beneficial for men’s health. It is useful for treating abnormal sperm shape, sperm motility, sperm production, It improves the production of male testosterone and also treats erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 


Helping in treat depression

It is used in treating depression, beneficial in dealing with problems like anxiety. It has been traditionally used for treating sex-related conditions. It has an adaptogen and helps you deal with emotional and physical stress. 


Boosting immune system

It is an ayurvedic immune booster. These compounds strengthen the immune system. 

Maintain blood sugar

Shows a promising impact in helping maintain blood sugar levels. This is a form of kidney damage that results due to poor management of blood pressure. 


For Erectile Dysfunction

It can boost your sexual life. It is also beneficial for sperm count and lower sexual problems.

When taken regularly, Shatavari for male can help reduce stress, increase blood circulation, and cure erectile dysfunction.


Shatavari for gain weight

It helps with weight gain. It is advisable for underweight people to use it for weight gain. It improves digestion by dislodging the toxins and prevents the body from free radicals. 


For gastric problem

Gastric issues have become common nowadays, due to the intake of junk food. You can cure your problem with the help of Shatavari. It also cures ulcers and diarrhea. 


For skin

Shatavari powder, You can also apply the same on your skin after making a paste, it will help you get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

It is known to be a herb that boosts hair growth 


These components have long-term effects on our health and it will always be better to go for a healthier diet. It is a natural herb with very limited side effects. It can be used to promote a healthy and balanced physical and mental state for you. It is also helpful in improving sexual wellness. It also helps in increasing a healthy sperm count.


Some side effects of Shatavari for men


1 It can lower blood pressure

2 It can cause some allergic conditions like itchy skin, rashes, rapid heart rate

3 It can cause dehydration.


It is advisable to take Shatavari on the recommendation of a doctor. They are prescribed according to your need like proper dosage and Shatavari benefits for men