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Kaunch Beej

Kaunch Beej

Usma Clinic / October 08, 2021

It is known for its high medicinal value. Kaunch beej is also known as “ the magic velvet bean”. It is a leguminous plant and it is also a good source of protein. White flowers have a bluish-purple tinge and butterfly-shaped corolla in the plant. The plant grows best in warm and moist conditions. It increases sexual desire as well as the quality and quantity of sperm. It additionally goes about as a muscle strengthener by adjusting the protein put stored in our muscle tissues. Kaunch is outstanding for conditioning the muscles of the male sexual organ and improving stamina. This Ayurvedic spice additionally diminishes stress which can have a positive effect on sexual performance. Kaunch beej is available in many names, cowhage, kavach, kaucha, kewach, doolagondi, Naikuruna, Kapikacchu. 

However, in circumstances of seasonal changes giving rise to disorders, the higher danger of illness, and extraordinary pandemics like the wildly spreading deadly Covid sickness that contaminated a large number of individuals all throughout the world this year, additional medical care measures are vital. Also, the fairly distressing professional and individual conditions today busy working and home perpetually lead to various illnesses, similar to heartburn, nervous system breakdowns, and infertility, influencing a critical number of young men and women. It is also very effective in mending diabetes, preventing cancers. Every part of kaunch beej is extremely beneficial as they have medicinal values.

This, as per Ayurveda, is a result of the way that Kaunch Beej is a 'Master' or heavy substance and has 'Vrushya' or aphrodisiacal qualities. Furthermore, this normal substance is instrumental in diminishing mental stress hence assisting a person with relaxation up which helps in experiencing better sex. The testosterone hormone is released by Kaunchbeej which additionally strengthens and builds sexual organs and improves blood flow to the sex organs. In women, Kaunch Beej is known to normalize ovulation.

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