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What Is Night Fall and How To Limit Its Frequency?

What Is Night Fall and How To Limit Its Frequency?

Usma Clinic / October 15, 2021

Nightfall is a very frustrating situation for young men. Nightfall in a man is a phenomenon where he ejaculates in his sleep mostly late at night. This is common among teenagers and adults, it is caused due to the weakness of the nerves and muscles of the penis, and other factors. It is also known as nocturnal emissions and wet dreams. It can also be found in females too. If you are suffering from nightfall, you can go for the best ayurvedic medicine for nightfall. 

                                          WHAT IS NIGHTFALL                                        

Do you know what nightfall is? At the point when a male goes through pre-adulthood, numerous physiological changes happen. One of the critical changes incorporates the development of sexual organs and hormonal changes. Because of these changes, young men for the most part go through compulsory discharge of semen in their subconscious state in their sleep. They have dreams about different sexual acts, which bring about the discharge of sperm in the sleep state. This uncontrolled semen discharge in the sleep is the meaning of nightfall. It occurs due to the weakness of nerves and muscles of the penis and excessive masturbation.


  • Urinate just before going to bed

  • Start doing kegel exercise

  • Relax your mind before going to sleep

  • Stop watching erotic movies

  • The practice of yoga is advantageous

  • Masturbate once in an interval, it may help you

  • Avoid spicy food



There are many ayurvedic herbs that can help to get rid of nightfall recommended by sexologist doctors for males near me, who are well known to treat sexual issues very well.