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Can Male Infertility Be Cured?

Can Male Infertility Be Cured?

Usma Clinic / December 03, 2021

The majority of infertile couples face this issue because of more than one reason for infertility. So, it is likely that both partners are required to consult with a doctor. This can take a lot of examinations to decide the reason for infertility. In a few cases, the reason is never recognized.

The examinations for infertility can be costly, and sometimes, it is not covered by health insurance. This is why the individuals should find out which ones their medical plan will cover ahead of time.


Finding out the issues of infertility in men typically includes:

Typical physical test and Medical Health history:

These involve testing the individual's genital areas and asking them questions about any inherited issues, long-standing health issues, surgeries, injuries, illnesses, etc., which can heavily influence fertility. The doctor can also ask questions about their sexual life and habits and their sexual evolution during puberty.

Semen test:

The samples of semen can be collected in a couple of different methods. Individuals can give an example through masturbating and discharging in a special container at the medical clinic. Sometimes because of cultural and religious beliefs, some male individuals go with the alternative way of collecting semen. In this kind of case, it can be obtained by utilizing a unique condom during sexual activity and intercourse.

Home and lifestyle fix:

There are a couple of steps the male individuals can take at their house to increase their chances of male fertility and assist in achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Increasing the frequency of sexual activities and intercourse:

Having sexual intercourse every other day or each day or at least five days in a week in the beginning before ovulation can expand their probability of getting their partner pregnant.

Having intercourse when there is a possibility of fertilization:

Female individuals are more likely to get pregnant when their ovulation window is open. This period takes place in the middle times of the menstrual cycle between menstruation. It will ensure that the sperm, which can typically live for a couple of days, is there when fertilization is possible.

Avoiding the utilization of lubricants:

Infertility men can happen because the Items such as saliva lotion, jelly, and glides can diminish the function and the movement of the sperms. If the individuals still want to utilize lubricants, they should ask the doctors about a sperm-safe option.


Consuming a lot of healthy food items, taking care of proper weight, exercising daily, and even getting enough sleep are indispensable for the health of the male individual's reproductive organs and sperm health. Avoiding things that can potentially damage their overall health. Such as not utilizing illicit drugs, staying away from smoking, and reducing or stopping their utilization of alcohol if they do not want to end up in a surgery room.