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Complete Guide to select the proper expert for Erectile Dysfunction

Complete Guide to select the proper expert for Erectile Dysfunction

Usma Clinic / December 05, 2021

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, you can also be wondering which doctor you have to contact. An excellent place to begin is with your primary care doctor. Depending on the specific health concerns, they can also refer you to a specialist in men's health, or urologist, or an experienced hormone specialist. Now the first question, which can appear in your mind, is this erectile dysfunction? Erectile Dysfunction is a widespread condition that over three million peoples experience every year. Erectile Dysfunction, otherwise known as impotence, is when a person generally struggles to achieve a firm erection. Are you willing to learn about erectile dysfunction costs?

Often this can be self-diagnosed, with some specific symptoms, which involves:

  • Being able to achieve the erection sometimes, just not each time you desire to have sex
  • Being able to get the erection, but also unable to continue this for enough time to have sex.
  • Unable to get the erection at every time.

Maximum men seek some medical advice to rectify the main reason for this erectile dysfunction that also permits them to begin the effective medication. The cost of this treatment is also affordable to every individual. You can also search on the internet for the list of the best Best hospital for erectile dysfunction.

Which doctor can help you with this erectile dysfunction?

Your primary physician, a urologist, or an endocrinologist are also capable of treating or diagnosing this erectile dysfunction. Though their primary areas of expertise can differ, they will all likely do a physical examination & enquire some questions about the medical history.

Primary care physician:

A primary care physician usually is considered the 1st entry point into a healthcare system. They are also trained for diagnosing a wide range of conditions, so they are a great place to begin when you have any other health concerns.

Your medical expert will ask some questions about the symptoms & the medical history. These are a few examples of questions they can ask:

  • Are you recently talking about any supplements or medications? If so, details of those medications/supplements
  • Do you take any illicit drugs?
  • Are you suffering from any chronic illnesses?
  • Do you smoke or drink alcohol?
  • What is your exercise routine?
  • Describe the main difficulty with the erections

They will also conduct some physical exams as well. This is very much common for every doctor to listen to your heart & test your blood pressure and examine your testicles, prostate, penis for some abnormalities. Nowadays, erectile dysfunction treatment in India has been enhanced very much.

Urine and blood tests are sometimes utilized to check your blood sugar, cholesterol, testosterone, triglycerides, etc. Your primary medical expert will prescribe some medications for your erectile dysfunction or refer you to specialists if required.


A urologist is a doctor that specializes in the urinary tract & male reproductive system. They treat sexual dysfunction, but they also treat diseases of kidney, prostate, bladder, urethra & pelvic muscles, including incontinence, cancer, kidney stones & infection.


Your primary medical expert can refer you to the endocrinologist if the erectile dysfunction is caused by the disease of this endocrine system, like hypogonadism or diabetes.


If you face some symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you should contact your medical expert as soon as possible because the immediate medication will require to solve this problem. You can also get a lot of websites to know about erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi.