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Facts of Male Infertility

Facts of Male Infertility

Usma Clinic / December 31, 2021

Are you trying to father a child without success? Then you are not alone. Infertility in men has become very much familiar in these recent days. About nine percent of men have also experienced this fertility problem- the growing issue that some say has reached the crisis levels. In the previous forty years, men have seen sperm counts drop by 52 percent. They also continue to drop near about 1.4 percent every year. Nowadays, infertility is constantly rising, with one in six couples in half the cases. There are various reasons exit for this male infertility, many of that can also make you surprise. Are you willing to know more about the 

Causes of male infertility?

Men have the biological clock too:
Just like the women have a more challenging time getting pregnant as they age, men also experience higher infertility rates past the age of 40, with lower sperm quality and count. That person whose partners can conceive but the men are unable then is at a higher risk for a miscarriage. The children of men over 40 years are at a heightened risk for schizophrenia, autism & childhood cancer.

If you are willing to have the child in your past 40, then consult a physician as soon as possible to know how to mitigate these risks or about the other options you can have. Younger men can also want to freeze the sperm for their future utilization.

Wearing boxers can make this easier to make the baby:
The research discovered that a boxer-wearers had a twenty-five percent higher sperm concentration & a seventeen percent higher sperm count than those wearing tight underwear. Researchers also surveyed six hundred fifty-six male partners searching for fertility counseling and discovered half of those men reported regular wearing boxers. Researchers said another half wore tighter underwear like brief, raising the heat in impaired and scrotum sperm production. You can also search more about infertility men?

Inability to the smell can be the signal of this male infertility:
The genetic condition known as the Kallmann syndrome, which affects one in thirty thousand men, can cause either a poor sense of smell or an entire inability to the smelling sense. Men with such conditions have also delayed or absent puberty, along with the lack of hormones that direct sexual development. Kallman syndrome also can cause infertility if left untreated. Hormone replacement therapy also can reverse the Kallman syndrome symptoms & treat infertility. Near about ten percent to fifteen percent of men, a syndrome enhances on its own & hormone medication can also be stopped.

Often the antibodies of a man attack his sperm:
While you get ill, be hurt, or undergo surgery, your body is also triggered to create antibodies that generally help your body protect itself. But in rare instances, the antibodies can also interfere with this conception, making it hard for the sperm to move & function as they really should. For example, the ability of sperm to travel through a fallopian tube to the egg is also impaired. This exact type of male infertility is known as immunologic infertility. The only way to lower these anti-sperm antibodies is by taking some oral steroids, but they are not sometimes successful.

With the help of this blog, you are well aware of the essential facts of male infertility. So if you face any symptoms of this infertility, you should contact medical experts as soon as possible because these problems need immediate medical help. You can get a lot of websites to know about Male infertility causes.