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How common is male infertility?

How common is male infertility?

Usma Clinic / December 31, 2021

Infertility is also defined clinically in men & women who generally cannot get pregnant after one year of having unprotected intercourse and in women who have two or more unsuccessful pregnancies. Researchers advise that after one year of unprotected sex, fifteen percent of couples cannot conceive. After two years, ten percent of teams still have not had a successful pregnancy. In maximum couples younger than thirty generally who are healthy, twenty percent to thirty-seven percent can also conceive in the first three months. Do you want to know more about Male Infertility? Then this article will guide you properly in your search.                            

Details about this:

Nowadays, Infertility in men has become very much familiar, and also this needs immediate treatment from an infertility clinic near you. Various medical conditions & some other factors also can contribute to fertility issues. The individual case can have a single cause, different causes, or, in many cases- no identifiable reason.

To conceive a child, the men’s sperm should combine with the woman’s egg. The testicles create & also store some sperm which are generally ejaculated by the penis to provide sperm to a female reproductive tract during sexual intercourse. The common problems that lead to Infertility in men are issues that affect how testicles perform. Other issues are some hormone imbalances or some blockages in the male reproductive system. In about fifty percent of cases, the reason for male Infertility also cannot be determined.

An entire lack of sperm happens in near about ten to fifteen percent of men who are also infertile. The hormone imbalance or the blockage of the sperm movement can also cause the lack of sperm. In many cases of Infertility, the man produces less sperm than usual. The common reason for the condition is also varicocele, the enlarged vein in a testicle. Varicocele is also present in about forty percent of men with infertility issues.

There has been a long debate over whether the male reproductive ability is also determined by environmental factors, like those present in a workplace or the area of the residence. The significant effect on this debate was a sessional report by research that discovered that of twenty-five male workers producing the insecticide dibromo three chloropropane, fourteen were also diagnosed as oligospermia azoospermia. You do not need to be tense because this Infertility is also curable if you take the medication at the proper time.

We hope that this blog will help you in your search ultimately. So, you do not require to worry. You can also get a lot of websites to know more about Male infertility Delhi.