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How Can Depression Effect On Sexual Health?

How Can Depression Effect On Sexual Health?

usma clinic / January 26, 2022

Depression is one of the severe causes to affect the sexual health of couples in a fix. The primary symptom is sexual problems in men and a lack of willingness to have sex with a partner. During this period, you may find yourself upset and down. In this phase, partners have to go through a negative filter, which impacts sexual pleasure. It can be solved with proper medical attention.

Misconceptions About Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is widespread in most depressed persons, but those often like to keep the issue secret and underreported as the issue is related to sex impairment. Sexual functioning–oriented misconceptions are manifested. Overmedication used to treat the issue can also be harmful and cause “sexual problems in men” and deprivation in sexual functioning. 

The Outcome Of The Survey Done By Doctors

After extensive research about sexual dysfunction and “sex problem in men” due to depression, the outcome was relevant and proved. Sexual dysfunctions are the common symptoms found in over 70% of the patients who admitted their problem. Sexual dysfunctions create profound differences in sexual desire, hormone-related problems, and overall dissatisfaction. Some sexual-oriented myths are harming youth’s sexual lives. They have started to believe that masturbation and an imperfect penal size can cause depression. Still, they should know the proper medical treatment that can give you the perfect sexual life with satisfaction by improving depression and overall sexual health.

The Major Impact Of Antidepressants on Sexual Health

An antidepressant is so harmful that it can demolish anybody’s sexual life. The manufacturers inject neurotransmitter serotonin in an adequate amount in these medicines that affect the brain and the hormone secretion from sexual organs. So too much taking of these medicines will inhibit your sexual desire and make that patient impair in having sex.


If you are going through a bad phase of the depressive period and it impacts your sexual life, you should consult with a “sexual problems doctors near me” or mental healthcare professional. You can discuss or have a conversation with them as they will treat your matter sensitively with the truth of sexual functioning and dysfunction. Still, before this, you should ensure that they are well experienced and psycho-educated. After the treatment starts, you should be very watchful about the changes due to medication.