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Is premature ejaculation curable?

Is premature ejaculation curable?

usma clinic / January 29, 2022

Premature ejaculation is an uncomfortable condition for maximum people to discuss. But if you can discuss this with your medical expert, you can get various effective treatments for controlling this.

Talking about your specific condition is an essential step in the proper direction. The health professional will also provide you with actual guidance on the premature ejaculation treatment naturally. If you are in a relationship, also this is an excellent idea to keep lines of communication open with your partner of you so they can provide actual support to you as you can explore various treatments.

Causes of Premature ejaculation

You can have lifelong premature ejaculation- that is, you have not been able to manage your ejaculation from your 1st sexual experience- or acquired premature ejaculation- that is while you can develop this over time. The leading causes of your condition will also depend on the actual type of premature ejaculation you have. There are a lot of treatments to cure premature ejaculation.

Treatment of premature ejaculation

Psychological Treatments

Your doctor can also refer you to see a psychologist or a sex therapist So that the counseling can help you to identify & work through any underlying sexual or relationship problems that also could be the cause of your PE.

You could attend your solo sessions, or if you are in the relationship therapy of the couple, can help to uncover any problems within the existing partnership that are also contributing to your condition. The counselor or psychologist of the couple will be able to listen to both parties objectively & provide solutions & exercises which can help build belief & improve communication. Premature ejaculation cure treatment is also available.

Behavioral Treatments

There are some other things that you can do before & during sex to control this ejaculation. For example, you can also masturbate an hour or two before having sex, or you could wear a thick condom to reduce the actual sensation during intercourse. Trying out some new positions with your partner can also help you, as you can quickly identify that positions can make you feel the most aroused. Premature ejaculation medicine is also available for this PE.


This is entirely normal to feel distressed about this PE, but this is very much essential to remember that this is a common condition that can also be treated. Do not bury your head in the sand & hope this will go away-avoiding this PE can affect your actual ability to have a happy and healthy sex life. Being communicative and open with your partner is the best way to control PE and try to move past any awkwardness you could feel speaking to your medical expert. This is almost guaranteed they have dealt with this many times before. You can also contact your doctor for treatment to cure premature ejaculation.