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Best Panchkarma Treatment


Unexplained weight gain: your complete guide

In our rapid-paced lives, weight gain is a massive problem. Although at times weight gain is advised to certain patients who are suffering from anorexia or the like, in most other cases, weight gain is a typical avoidable issue. Abnormal weight gain may result from overeating, untimely consumption of unhealthy food, uncontrolled intake of carbohydrate-rich junks and the like and at times, may also be the outcome of past surgeries or symptoms like PCOS and Hypothyroidism. In every case, however, the victim gets fat at a moderate or an alarming rate and weight such acquired is very tough to shed off.

Reasons for weight gain - What makes us plump?

A person who cannot eat or sleep on time due to whatsoever reason(s), tends to put on weight in a very short to a moderately short period, depending on the rate of patient's metabolism, age, and several other factors.

Lifestyle causes associated with weight gain

  • Unplanned diet - A diet which is untimely, rich in simple carbohydrates, high in sugary substance and consists mostly of fatty food can make a person gain weight abnormally.
  • Sleeplessness - Insomnia is a chronic disorder which eventually results in slower metabolism and makes way for indigestion and irregular bowel movement. All of these taken together lead to weight gain
  • Depression - It may sound absurd, but the truth is that depression indirectly results in moderate to abnormal weight gain. Research has proved depressed people seek short term relief from despair by eating, (read, overeating) comfort food which is abnormally high in calorie count. They gain weight very fast, the mirror and the onlookers tell them that, they feel low, depressed and overeat. Thus the vicious circle continues.
  • Intoxication - Excessive intake of alcohol has a direct effect on our physique. It gives rise to visceral fat. Smoking weed, on the other hand, can give you abnormal hunger pangs that indirectly make you gain weight.
  • Inadequate body movements - In the era of mechanization, machines are controlling our lives. Elevators and escalators have replaced the manual effort of climbing stairs, intercoms have reduced the effort of walking up to someone, the multifunctional smartphones and the like have made everything possible in absolutely a wink of an eye. As a result, the lack of body movement makes us gain weight gradually but consistently.

Medical Causes associated with weight gain

  • Surgery - Post-surgical weight gain is quite common in patients, especially those who have undergone major surgeries. They are advised not to walk up stairs, not to carry weights and to go to the gym is a big no for them. As a result, weight gain is quite obvious.
  • Hormonal imbalance - A hypothyroid patient, a lady with the polycystic ovary, a woman who has had early menopause or has undergone a hysterectomy or myomectomy and those suffering from Type 2 diabetes tend to gain weight faster than the people with normal health.
  • Heredity - Your genes play a huge role in weight gain. Children born to obese parents are most likely to gain weight quickly. Not only parents, if any other relative, with whom you share a blood relation, is over-weight, your obesity may also be linked to that.

Fat to fit -The Panchakarma treatment for excessive weight gain

Derived from Sanskrit "Pancha" which means five and "Karma" which means work, the "Panchakarma" is a composite process to detoxify the human body. Malnutrition, environmental pollution, diseases, and intoxication may leave harmful toxins in the body of the patients. By the "Panchakarma" treatment, the toxins in the body are cleaned effectively. Due to a discretionary diet, irregular sleeping patterns, and hormonal imbalances, the body's natural immunity may get disturbed.

Undisciplined lifestyle, inadequate exercises added to it may result in spreading the toxins throughout our body and consequently result in diseases. The toxin found in our bodies is called "Ama", a stinking viscous substance that needs to be cleaned immediately. Cleaning can effectively be done by Panchakarma treatment.

A five-fold therapy, Panchakarma is administered on the basis of individual patient's need, age, immunity, and imbalances of "doshas" (faults in the body). The treatment is administered by trained therapists for an individually specified period. The treatment includes warm oil massage, herbal steam therapy, lymphatic massage, herbal enemas or basti, nasal administrations, and other specialized treatments. Physical balance and hygiene may be achieved and flushing out of toxins may result in consequent fat loss and helps in achieving a person's weight goals.

Fractures due to osteoporosis

Generally, any bone can break if a person is suffering from osteoporosis. However, some bones are more prone to injury in this disorder than the others:

  • Hip fracture (due to cracking)
  • Spine fracture (due to collapse of the vertebrae)
  • Rib and wrist fracture (due to loss of bone strength)

Can osteoporosis be prevented?

Certain alterations in lifestyle choices can help to prevent osteoporosis to a great extent; some of which are listed below-

Increase in calcium and vitamin D content in diet: Dietary sources include dairy products like milk, curd, yoghurt, cheeses, green leafy vegetables like broccoli, fortified cereals, soft fish like salmon and tuna, cod liver. It is to be noted that most vitamin D doesn't come from foods; hence moderate exposure to sunlight everyday is necessary because vitamin D plays a pivotal role in calcium uptake. Giving up smoking and alcohol, Exercises like yoga promote flexibility and balance and can reduce the risk of fractures and falls, Weight bearing exercises like walking promote healthy bones and cause strengthening of muscles.

Panchakarma and osteoporosis

Majja is the 6th dhattu of the body; its main function is oleation and strengthening of the body. Ayurveda says that imbalance in Vata leads to Asthi-NMajjakshaya (osteoporosis). Hence eating certain foods ad Virana (lifestyle habits) can cause the body to regain its inherent Vata balance. Porous bones are referred to as asthisaushirya in ayurveda. Basti therapy, which is considered to be mother of all treatments in panchakarma, is one of the major ways for the prevention and cure of osteoporosis. In Majja Basti, a decoction of 60 ml of buffalo bone marrow mixed with Asthi Shrinkhala pulp powder is administered to the patient for 16 days through the rectum. This basti dravya absorbs all the doshas from the sole of the feet to the head. During this period, a person is asked to abstain from bitter and pungent foods along with madak dravya (cigarette and alcohol mainly, along with meat and caffeinated beverages). Asthi Shrinkhala is known to have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties; hence this kriya helps to reduce the pain and swelling of joints to a great extent. Administration of MajjaBasti significantly reduces osteoporosis and the presence of Asthi Shrinkhala in the decoction prevents further bone degeneration. Researchers have found that Asthi Shrinkhala is rich in ketosterone that promotes good bone health and easy healing of fractures. It also inhibits the formation of free radical in the body and enhances the peroxide levels. Increased mobilization of fibroblasts and chondroblasts promote bone regeneration at a faster rate. Thus, Majja Basti with Asthi Shrinkhala, when supplemented with the extracts of Cissus quandrangularis extract in diet, promotes bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

frequently asked questions

There are a number of factors which could cause rapid weight gain. Excessive consumption of fried and fatty foods and large portions of the meal at a time with low to none physical activity cause rapid weight gain.

If you are skinny, you can gain weight through weight gain supplements. You can also make a routine to exercise to gain muscle. Healthy foods, no stress or anxiety, and good sleep also help in this process.

There could be a number of factors due to which you keep on gaining weight. Unhealthy lifestyle, no exercise, excessive stress and depression, fast food consumption, and alcohol consumption are the primary reasons for weight gain.

Yes, stress can make you fat. Stress becomes resistance to your healthy lifestyle. You may also fell prey to stress eating and unhealthy eating habits, which leads to weight gain.

Yes, lack of sleep also affects your weight indirectly. Lack of sleep could be the cause of stress, which eventually leads to weight gain. Enough sleep helps you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping up with your routine.

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