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Everything to know about erectile dysfunction treatment

Everything to know about erectile dysfunction treatment

Usma Clinic / December 17, 2021

For the majority of the individuals answering questions about their medical history and physical examinations is required for the practitioners to find out erectile dysfunction. The Recommendation of the best hospital for erectile dysfunction treatment is based on the diagnosis process.

If the male individual has long-standing medical issues or their health practitioners suspect an underlying problem that can be included. Then the individuals can require more tests and an appointment with a prostate specialist.

Looking for underlying issues can involve

Physical exam:

It can involve detailed examinations of the male individual's reproduction organ and their testicles. Besides those, the practitioners will also check the reaction of the nerve when they are sexually stimulated.

Blood tests:

The health practitioners of impotence treatment will also draw out a sample of the male individual's blood which can be sent to the laboratory to find out symptoms of numerous other health conditions which can influence erectile dysfunction, such as blood sugar, poor testosterone levels, and even cardiac disorders.

Urinalysis or Urine tests:

Just like the blood reports, urine exams are utilized to find out the symptoms of numerous underlying medical issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, and cholesterol


The test utilizes ultrasound typically conducted by a sonographer in the clinic. It includes using a transducer which is a device that looks like a wand.

The specialist holds it over the vessels of blood which supplies blood in the male organ. It generates video footage to let the practitioners see if the male individual has blood flow issues in their male organs.

This examination is often done after injecting the male individual with medicines in the male organ to activate blood flow and generate an erection.

Psychological exam:

The consultant can ask numerous questions to determine any issues around depression or other potential psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction, such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, excessive stress, and even poor work-life balance.


The very first thing the health team will do is to make sure that the mail individual is getting the correct treatment for the health issues which would be worsening and generating their erectile dysfunction.

Relying on the reason and the seriousness of their erectile dysfunction and the other underlying medical issues, the health practitioners can have numerous erectile dysfunction treatment options. The doctors can describe the benefits and risks of every remedy and go with the patient's preference. The preference of the individual's partner or spouse can also play a great role in their treatment options.

A male individual can experience erectile dysfunction due to medical issues such as high blood sugar levels. But it can also happen because of psychological issues such as performance anxiety during sexual activities. The specialist can recommend a lot of erectile dysfunction treatment diffuse erectile dysfunction involving prescription medication and surgical procedures on rare occasions.




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