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What is a Clinical Sexology?

What is a Clinical Sexology?

Usma Clinic / December 25, 2021

It is the study of human sexuality and relationships, and clinical sexology refers to psychosexual and relationship therapy. Clinical sexology is studied at CICS using a bio-psycho-social approach. To ensure that their students have comprehensive knowledge of the combined organic, socio-cultural, and psychological dimensions of sexual and relationship health and well-being, the CICS program content and assessment protocols are designed to ensure safe and effective treatment protocols and outcomes.

What do clinical sexologists do?

For adults experiencing sexual difficulties, Clinical Sexology is a mental health service that provides sexual education and assessment and treatment in a Sexology clinic. Clinical sexologists in Delhi employs many psychotherapeutic techniques to help clients with issues such as:

  • Disabilities in the sex life (arousal and orgasm difficulties, desire discrepancies),
  • Sexual preferences and paraphilias that are unusual
  • Transitioning to a different gender
  • Concerns about sexual orientation are also relevant.

You'll be interviewed to learn more about the problem and the impact it's had on your relationships, as well as how you feel about yourself.

When appropriate, you and your partner may be asked to participate in sessions together. After sexologist in India has discussed the issue, they will talk about your past with a focus on:

  • Early sex experiences, as well as sex education
  • Before this time, there were many sources of information on sexuality.
  • Past, present, and future sexual behaviors, preferences, and fantasies
  • Satisfaction with one's sex and relationship
  • Gender identity and sexual orientation
  • Medical conditions and medications may affect a person's ability to have and maintain sexual relations.

You and their team will then work together to establish therapeutic goals and a personalized treatment plan. This includes instruction in sexual health, anatomy and response, and individual and couple exercises in most cases.

This service's access method:

Any healthcare professional can make a referral to the Clinical Sexology Program. Would you please fill out the referral form for mental health and addictions (PDF) or send a letter with the client's name, date of birth, MCP number, and other relevant contact information (email and phone)?

Is there a difference between a clinical sexologist and a general sex expert?

To help people understand and accept their sexuality, a clinical sexologist in UP is a sexologist who provides sex counseling. By taking into account biological, psychological, sociological, and historical factors when dealing with sexual issues in the context of a sex-positive worldview, sexologists are sex-positive. They do not have any preconceptions about what a client's sexuality "should" look like because they are non-judgmental. They use an educational approach to help clients achieve their goals.

How clinical sexologists go about their job

Sexual growth is facilitated by clinical sexologists who help their clients identify their sexual goals and then provide them with information, tools, and techniques to help them achieve those goals.

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