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Which doctor to consult for erectile dysfunction treatment?

Which doctor to consult for erectile dysfunction treatment?

Usma Clinic / December 28, 2021

Erectile dysfunction is an issue where the genital area does not get an erection and stays strong during sexual activities and intercourse. The majority of the male individuals suffer through some erectile dysfunction. And sometimes it gets better with time and common Lifestyle changes. The incident count for erectile dysfunction is more difficult between 40 years to 70 years old in male individuals.

Research has pointed out that the prevalence reports of complete erectile dysfunction Rise by 15-9% as male individuals start approaching 65. Noticeably if the male individuals have some underlying issues and health disorders, the damage can become permanent. This is why it is crucial to have an appointment with the correct erectile dysfunction doctor to treat and diagnose erectile dysfunction. They will run examinations both psychological analysis and physical examinations to determine the reason for this issue.

Reasons for erectile dysfunction

There can be a lot of reasons why the male individual is experiencing erectile dysfunction—involving physical-based and emotional-based causes. The following are the significant reasons per category.


Physical causes

  • Drug abuse
  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiac diseases
  • High blood sugar levels
  • High cholesterol
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Injuries at the pelvic region or the spinal cord
  • Poor levels of testosterone


Emotional causes

  • Troubles and other obstacles in the relationship because of poor communication skills and stress
  • Stress and poor work-life balance


Which doctor to contact for erectile dysfunction?

Usually, the male individuals can get erectile dysfunction treatment in Delhi with their male infertility and erectile dysfunction conditions from the primary care practitioners at first. For more complicated treatments and diagnoses later, they can consult a urologist or an endocrinologist who can be more effective.

How are psychotherapists helpful in curing erectile dysfunction?

In many instances, one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction is the instability of the emotional and mental health of the male individual. This is why for proper diagnosis, the male individuals should visit a counselor, psychotherapist, or psychologist.

Because essentially, they perform mental health examinations to observe if any emotional distress is creating this issue or not, which is also a helpful method of erectile dysfunction treatment in India.

Wrapping up:

Overall, the male individuals should set an appointment with their health practitioners specialized experts such as a urologist or general physician to talk about erectile dysfunction tablets and treatments. Because they have a lot of expertise and day-to-day practice in each male infertility case, in terms of remedies, Specialists offer prescription medicines. Also, they deal with invasive treatment strategies as well such as surgery and implant.